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    Elk Rush Round 1 Is Live

    Elk Finance has launched its own “Rush” campaign. Gathering over 150,000$ in rewards for farming. Round 1 has just gone live, boosting the following partner farms: LOST-ELK RADI-ELK YAK-ELK ISA-ELK KACY-ELK The farms have some fire yields at the moment. See below. Elk finance website Elk finance twitter More

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    EEUR stablecoin on Avalanche

    EMoney’s EURO stablecoin is now on Avalanche. Giving investors a new option aside from USD. Tweets Avalanche founder Emin Gun Sirer. The EUR stablecoin is backed and audited. Note, also interest bearing. The update comes after e-Money integrated with Axelar. Axelar enables cross-chain transfers. And spans Avalanche, Cosmos, and more. More

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    Top 3 Avalanche Subnets

    Avalanche is yet to blossom. Subnets are where the next evolution will take us. Here are the Avalanche subnets you should know about. WAGMI We’re all going to make it. Maybe more than others if you deploy to the WAGMI testnet subnet. Building is a perfect pass time in a bear market. The WAGMI (“We’re […] More

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    Eldarune is a play-to-earn RPG game coming to Avalanche

    Meet Alec. The main character in the Eldarune story. Doesn’t look like much, just a casual naked man covered in mud. If there’s one thing you should know about Alec, it’s that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of him. Especially if you delve into the Eldarune universe. Eldarune is an Avalanche-based play-to-earn […] More

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    Crabada Battle Game’s Ultimate Skills Exposed

    Crabada is Avalanche’s most popular blockchain game. Their long-awaited update sees the game introducing a PVP aspect. You’ll be able to battle your Crabs against others. On Crabada’s YouTube, they’ve uploaded a plethora of reveals. Each shows different ultimate attacks and more. Source More

  • joepegs nft marketplace

    Joepegs Marketplace

    For those of you who don’t know. Joepegs Marketplace is Trader Joes NFT marketplace. Unlike other marketplaces, it’s feature-rich. And easy to use. How does it work? It’s a contract creation service. They make it easy to launch NFTs. Minimal web3 know-how required. The launchpad LaunchPEG is their NFT launchpad. Capable of supporting multiple auctions […] More

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    Dexalot partners with SnailTrail

    Dexalot and SnailTrail have partnered to launch $SLIME. SnailTrails token. What is Dexalot? Dexalot is an order-book DEX. No slippage, no custody risk. What is SnailTrail? SnailTrail is a play-to-earn racing game. Race Snails, earn SLIME. More on the partnership The launch is being hosted on Dexalot. Token price decided through Dexalot Discovery. An on-chain […] More

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